Top 10 Chinese New Year Taboos During Spring Festival 2024

In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 Chinese New Year Taboos that are associated with the Chinese New Year. The Chinese Spring Festival is considered the start of every Chinese New Year and the Chinese people celebrate the Spring Festival with full enthusiasm. According to Chinese people thinking all your actions during the New Year or Spring Festival will affect your luck in the coming new year. You need to avoid many things during the new year festival and also there are many traditional Chinese New Year Taboos 2024 that are associated with the Chinese New Year Lunar Spring Festival 2024. Some of the Chinese New Year Taboos have been discarded by the modern generation in urban areas or in large cities. Let us have a look at these Top 10 Chinese New Year Taboos below.

Top 10 Chinese New Year Taboos 2024: 

Some Chinese New Year Taboos are associated with Chinese New Year’s Day. Have a look at these taboos.

Taboos Associated With Chinese New Year’s Day: 

1- Do Not Sweep or Clean or Take Out Garbage:

According to Chinese belief, sweeping on new year’s day is prohibited, and considered as if you sweep on this day it will take wealth away. Also taking out the garbage is considered dumping out the good fortune or taking out the good luck from the house.

2- Avoid Negative Words:

Negative words that have negative connotations are strictly forbidden. These words include: poor, sick, death, empty, pain, break, ghost, and more. Chinese think these words may affect their lives if they use them on new year’s day.

3- Avoid Eating Porridge And Meat In Breakfast:

You can not eat porridge breakfast because they considered the poor people to eat this and the Chinese people don’t want to start their new year poor. Also eating meat on new year’s day is forbidden.

4- Do Not Take Medicine:

Chinese people avoid taking medicine on the very first day of the Chinese Lunar Year because they think if they take medicine on this day they will get ill for the whole of the year. In some areas, sick people break their medicine pots considering this act will drive away from the illness in the coming new year.

5- Avoid Needle Work:

Chinese people avoid needlework on this day. They avoid using any kind of sharp objects like knives and scissors on this day as these tools are associated with an accident, or cut your success and wealth in the coming year. Due to this reason, 99% of hair salons remain closed during the holidays.

6- Avoid Washing Hair And Clothes:

Chinese people also avoid washing clothes and hair on new year’s day. This Chinese New Year Taboo is associated with wealth and fortune.

7- Avoid Visiting Wife’s Family:

This Chinese New Year Taboo is associated with married daughters. According to Chinese beliefs, a married daughter cannot meet or visit her parents on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. According to their beliefs, this can cause bad luck or hardship for the entire family. A married daughter can visit her parents on the 2nd day of the Chinese Lunar New Year.

 Chinese New Year Taboos

Chinese Spring Festival Season Taboos:

1- Avoid Breaking Glass or Ceramics:

Breaking glass or ceramics is strictly forbidden during the Chinese Spring Festival Season because the Chinese think that things can break your prosperity and good fortune. If a bowl or plate is dropped from any person he or she immediately wrap the bowl or plate with red paper and say 岁岁平安 (suì suì píng ān). After the New Year, they will throw the wrapped bowl or plate into a river or lake.

2- Avoid Borrowing or Lending Money:

During the Chinese Spring Festival, the Chinese people avoid to take lending or borrowing money or repayment and this taboo is associated with bad luck for both parties. Also, it leads to debt for the whole of the year if you do this act. However, it is considered fair after the 5th day.

3- Avoid Crying And Fighting:  
During the Chinese Lunar New Year Spring Festival Season try to avoid crying and fighting. This taboo is associated to bring bad luck to the family. Children crying is also forbidden and parents need to do their best to stop crying by all possible means.
4- The Rice Jar:
This taboo is associated with grave anxiety, cooking issues, and ill omen during the New Year time period so the Rice Jar should not be empty in any case.
5-  No Killing: This taboo is associated with ill omen including bloody disaster, accidents, knife wounds, and misfortunes, etc.
6- Damaged Clothes: Avoid wearing new damaged clothes because it is considered that if kids use these kinds of clothes in the first lunar month of Chinese New Year bad luck will come.
7- Try To Avoid Certain Type Of Gifts: Do not give gifts like clocks, scissors, and pears in this time period because they have bad meanings.
8- Don’t Wear White or Black Clothes: Chinese cannot wear white and black clothes during the spring festival because this Chinese New Year Taboo is associated with mourning.
9- Breaking Tools or Other Equipment: This taboo is associated with a loss of wealth. Therefore businessmen try their best to prevent it.
10- Theft: Due to the cause of stolen wealth and money in the coming year Chinese people try to avoid theft and take care of their things very well.
11- Hospital Visit: People try to avoid visiting the hospital during this period because it is believed that it will bring illness for the whole coming year. However, in case of extreme emergency, they go to the hospital.
12- Bed Person Not Receive New Year Blessings: The recipient cannot receive New Year’s blessings until he or she gets up from the bed first. This taboo is associated with bed-ridden for the entire year. Also, you can not tell others to wake up and rush around for the year. Sleep in by taking advantage of this.
All these Chinese New Year Spring Season Festival Taboos are applied from the 1st to 15th of the first month of the new Lunar New Year.

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