Chinese New Year Facts 2024 And Some Interesting Things

There are a number of interesting things associated with Chinese New Year 2024 and here in this blog post, we will discuss some very interesting Chinese New Year Facts. Have a look at these Interesting Chinese New Year Facts 2024 and much more.

Top 15 Chinese New Year Facts 2024 & Interesting Things: 

  • Chinese New Year is also called as Spring Festival and Lunar New Year:

Chinese New Year is also called as Spring Festival and Lunar New Year in China. In Chinese called chunjie (春节).

Chinese New Year

  • Chinese New Year Follows Lunar Calendar:

The Chinese New Year follows the lunar calendar and this calendar is based on moon movement. Traditionally the Chinese Spring Festival or Chinese Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year falls on a day between the mid of January to mid-February.

  • Chinese New Year Animals Zodiac Signs:

Each Chinese New Year is associated with an animal which is called Chinese New Year Animals Zodiac Signs. These Chinese New Year Animals Zodiac Signs are 12 in number and the names of these Chinese New Year Animals Zodiac Signs are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Chinese New Year Animals Zodiac Signs

  • Chinese New Year Has No Specific Celebration Date:

The festival of Chinese New Year is not celebrated on the same date every year as compared with the New Year which falls on 1st Jan every year.

  • Day For Praying:

The Chinese people pray to God for a better harvest season, health, wealth, and prosperity on the occasion of Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring Festival day.

  • 15 Days Long Chinese Spring Festival Celebrations:

The Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring Festival celebrations continue for 15 days till the Lantern Festival which is also ending considering the official ending of the festival.

  • Chinese New Year Celebrated Worldwide: 

This festival is not only celebrated in China but also observed worldwide where the Chinese people live. This festival has become one of the most celebrated festivals in the world. This festival is also celebrated in various international cities including New York, London, Vancouver, Sydney, and many others where Chinatowns exist.

  • Longest Chinese New Year Public Holidays:

On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, the Chinese people got the longest public holidays of the year. Many Chinese employees have 7-12 days off work on this occasion while the students have one-month winter vacations. The official Chinese New Year 2024 holidays are from Feb 11th to 17th 2024.

  • Chinese Spring Festival Travel Rush:

Regardless of where they are, the Chinese people try their best to return home to celebrate this festival with their families and friends just like the westerners’ people try to celebrate Christmas with their families. Also, some Chinese families travel together during the holiday period of the New Year. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, the world’s largest annual migration(which is also named the Spring Festival Travel Rush) was seen, and nearly about 3 billion trips were made by airplanes, trains, buses, and ships.

  • Families Reunion Dinner At Chinese New Year Occasion:

The Chinese people enjoy a reunion dinner feast on the occasion of Chinese New Year’s Eve and spend time with their families. Families sit together to watch the CCTV New Year’s Gala after the reunion dinner and chit-chat with each other.

  • Homes & Streets Are Decorated In Red Color:

On this occasion, the houses are decorated with red colors, red lanterns, and red paper cuttings. The city streets are decorated with red lanterns and a lot of people are dressed in red color. The red color is considered as the symbol of happiness, wealth, prosperity, and good luck in Chinese culture.

Chinese New Year Facts

  • Chinese Greetings “Guo Nian Hao”:

On this occasion, Chinese people say “Guo Nian Hao” to each other which is one of the commonly used greetings. “Guo Nian Hao” means “Happy New Year” and it is just like the Westerners saying “Merry Christmas” to each other.

  • Chinese New Year Fireworks:

Fireworks are one of the most important parts of the Chinese Spring Festival or Chinese New Year celebrations. All the Chinese families participate in the fireworks to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival. This is one of the biggest Chinese New Year’s Eve Fireworks shows in China on the happy occasion of Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve.

  • Chinese Lantern Festival:

On the occasion of the Chinese Lantern Festival, every Chinese family participates in the festival along with a lantern in their hands.
Chinese Lantern Festival

Some More Facts About Chinese New Year For Kids:

  • Everyone Wear New Clothes:

On the occasion of Chinese New Year, everyone wears new clothes which are mostly in red color. Kids wear mostly new clothes and show them to their friends and others.

  • Kids Get Lucky Money In Red Envelopes:

Elders including parents, grandparents, and other family members give money in red envelopes instead of wrapped gifts that western people give to their children on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.  The most interesting fact about the gifted lucky money red envelope is that kids are free to spend money where they like.

Chinese New Year Lucky Red Envelope

Chinese New Year Wishes

  • Delicious Dumplings & Other Food Dishes: 

The children are free to eat various delicious food items and most of the people love to eat dumplings. Also, some other food dishes including spring rolls, fish, rice dumplings, and rice cakes (Niangao) are part of this festival. These dishes are served as a reunion dinner treat at home, relatives, places, and temple fairs.

  • Everyone Gets One Year Older At Chinese New Year Occasion:

The most interesting Chinese New Year fact is that everyone gets one year older. It is considered a national birthday and doesn’t matter when you actually were born.

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